Sunday, December 1, 2013

Romantic Separates

OOTD 11/30/2013

Short sleeves yesterday, and tank tops today! December has arrived, but winter hasn't. Whatever, California. I'm gonna get jazzed up about ~the holiday season~ anyway. This afternoon I made Marlen's pumpkin spice cookies, which were delicious. Tomorrow I'm going to sew a Christmas-themed bow tie for Ben's adorable corgi.

It's awkward to have a semi-reciprocated crush on someone who lives far away. I know he likes me and thinks I'm cute, but I don't know if he likes me, you know? I feel like I'm back in middle school, dithering about how to flirt right. The distance doesn't help. And things are further complicated because I'd rather be pursuing women (in general), but I'm much more timid and unsure when it comes to the ladies. I've wondered endlessly about why that is, and I think it's mainly lack of experience. I've only had one relationship and a handful of hookups with girls, whereas I've had more heterosexual experiences than I can count. Plus, our culture is so oriented toward the male gaze. I've been thoroughly trained when it comes to romantic interactions with men, but not with women.

OOTD 11/30/2013 OOTD 11/30/2013 OOTD 11/30/2013 OOTD 11/30/2013 OOTD 11/30/2013 OOTD 11/30/2013 OOTD 11/30/2013


  1. Chasing someone is hard male or female. You just have to go after whatever makes you the most happy!

  2. ugh, distance sucks so hard! Hopefully it all works out..there's always something a bit exciting about the crush "does he like me back?!?!!" stage... all the best on this!
    really cute skirt :) such a great combination..must be super warm where you are :).. Silly Cali! Does it ever get really cold there?

    1. Thanks Mouna! It does get chilly, but I don't think it ever really gets cold, if you know what I mean.

  3. This is darling <3 Beautiful pattern mixing with the top and skirt. I love that the skirt is pleated, too ^_^

    - Anna

  4. This is a cute way to mix patterns! Our weather has been crazy also. It was 67 on Monday and now there is a blizzard outside. Thank you for visiting my blog!


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