Sunday, December 8, 2013

Appaloosa Light

OOTD 12/7/2013

I found the best dappled shadows in my neighbor's yard. Trespassing never felt so good! Today's events:
  • I wore blush for once.
  • My mom, my sister, and I went to get a Christmas tree. We picked out a glorious one! Pictures to come.
  • I spent ages looking at fair trade fashion sites and putting together some posts. It was deeply enjoyable.
As for my outfit: Lotsa layers because it was freeeeezing. Got that Christmas elf vibe goin' on.

OOTD 12/7/2013 OOTD 12/7/2013 OOTD 12/7/2013

I made both the hat and the dress myself!

OOTD 12/7/2013

The dress is very makeshift because I sewed it by hand out of an old baby blanket, without a pattern or anything, and I've never made a real garment before. Nevertheless, I like how it turned out! The bodice looks like this:

OOTD 12/7/2013 OOTD 12/7/2013


  1. Anyone who can actually sew things that fit on them is impressive to me. Props on the dress and the cute knit things! That bodice is especially lovely!

  2. You look fantastic! Love that hat! Beautiful job on it! Super cute chunky arm warmers!

    - Anna

  3. wow girl, nice job! 1) you are infinitely more patient than I am because I cannot handle sewing things in general and 2) i get annoyed when my "finds" posts take longer than i'd hoped but anyway you really did a great job w/ the bodice indeed. it's such a pretty little print and awesome you could use the old baby blanket. and i know i already said this but you are so pretty w/ the pixie cut!!

    1. I think I burned myself out on those posts for a while, haha. Thank you!


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