Friday, December 27, 2013

Bits Of Butch

OOTD 12/26/2013

Today I got dressed, looked at myself in the mirror, and went, "Hey, I kinda look like a boy!" It was exciting because normally I'm quite straightforwardly ladylike. This outfit still has too many femme details to qualify as masculine, but I think the undefined waist and lack of makeup put me solidly into androgynish territory. (Or perhaps I should say "menswear-inspired". Haha. The joke is that gender essentialism is awful.)

OOTD 12/26/2013

I especially like this bright shirt because it's a girlier version of the loud Hawaiian ones that a dad might bring on vacation. My dear aunt Nancy Bea Miller sent me a big package of clothes, and this is the first piece to be worn on the blog!

OOTD 12/26/2013

These tiny twin lockets actually open. I think I'm gonna fill them with pictures of my rabbits.

OOTD 12/26/2013 OOTD 12/26/2013

Thanks to Marisa Noelle for this bag!

OOTD 12/26/2013

Do I look short and chubby in that last picture? Yes. Am I okay with that? Mostly. Should I be? Absolutely! Body positivity, whattuppppp.


  1. really loving the floral top! I don't think you look boy-ish at all :) those shoes are very lady-like.

  2. Wow, that blouse REALLY suits you, so glad! You look absolutely adorable!

  3. Oh my gosh, you totally do not look like a boy! I do love the print of that top though, super cute!

  4. A true rogue is all about challenging people's perceptions (usually in the sense of them not seeing you until *after* you've gotten away with whatever you were doing) - you make 'androgynish' look effortless! :-D Rock it!

    1. Thank you! I feel like I'm become much more roguish due to our association, haha!


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