Thursday, November 14, 2013

Telephone Pole Blonde

OOTD 11/13/2013

My mom keeps bugging me to get a haircut. What do you think--time for a trim? I've been growing my hair out, but it takes for-damn-ever. Perhaps I should get it shaped or something, 'cause I am looking a bit mullet-y.

Speaking of hair, the no-shampoo route seems interesting. I'm hesitant to try it, since my hair is so fine and grease-prone. I'm also looking into oil cleansing, and maybe even DIY deodorant! Have any of y'all tried ~natural~ methods like those? What did you think?

OOTD 11/13/2013

This was an at-home outfit, if you can't tell. I actually threw on the headband and the gloves just for these photos. Is that cheating? It kinda feels like cheating. Oh well.

OOTD 11/13/2013 OOTD 11/13/2013 OOTD 11/13/2013 OOTD 11/13/2013


  1. Such a cute outfit!! about the hair, I think it looks really great! Maybe a bit of fringe? that'd look so chic! xx

  2. Love the outfit. Love the hair. I think you could definitely rock a pixie cut but the length it's at is beautiful.

  3. I tried to do the baking soda hair washing (with vinegar conditioner) and I just couldn't handle it. My hair isn't too greasy usually, but this was just horrific, my hair didn't even feel like hair any more, it just felt gross. Washing it with baking soda actually made it feel worse for me.
    I would like to use it though, it would be so much better for my skin, scalp etc, because I actually have quite bad dandruff (which NOTHING helps)


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