Sunday, November 24, 2013


Although I have passing preoccupations with other pastels--I'm into mint at the moment--my enduring favorite color is pink. I'm still a five-year-old in a princess dress at heart. Someday I'll post my class pictures from preschool: Everyone else was in overalls and sweaters, but I wore a sparkly gown with a big poofy skirt. I looked like Glinda the Good Witch had a Mini-Me. That phase didn't last until elementary school, but it started back up again in fifth grade, when I picked the paint for my bedroom walls. They've stayed the same warm, rosy color ever since.

Anyyyway, this post is a roundup of cute pink things that I've encountered recently.

Pink Panda Heart Tin

I saw this panda/heart container in the local Japanese grocery store. So adorbs!

Pink Panda Heart Tin Pink Panda Heart Tin

I want to be that panda.

Destiny 11/23/2013

My sister was on her way to a party and all glammed up. Look at her pink shoes!

Pink Bunny Quilt

That's a detail shot from a quilt my mom made. I have an affinity for rabbits. My favorite childhood toy was named Pink Bunny. Guess what color she was!


  1. That quilt looks so lovely! I'll always have a place for pink in my heart too :-) Though same as you, I am totally into mint right now! xo

    1. It's all about those ice cream colors! Thanks for stopping by, Marisa.


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