Saturday, November 16, 2013

An Apple A Day

OOTD 11/15/2013

I took these photos late in the afternoon yesterday, when the sun was almost ready to go down. I can't believe how early it's getting dark! 5:30pm feels like it's about midnight. Every year, "falling back" on the clock throws me off. So does jumping ahead in springtime. And then just when I'm almost used to the new situation, we up and change it again!

Wikipedia has some interesting information about daylight savings time: "Although not punctual in the modern sense, ancient civilizations adjusted daily schedules to the sun more flexibly than modern DST does, often dividing daylight into twelve hours regardless of day length, so that each daylight hour was longer during summer. For example, Roman water clocks had different scales for different months of the year: at Rome's latitude the third hour from sunrise, hora tertia, started by modern standards at 09:02 solar time and lasted 44 minutes at the winter solstice, but at the summer solstice it started at 06:58 and lasted 75 minutes." (Citations at the end of the post.)

OOTD 11/15/2013 OOTD 11/15/2013

This necklace is really appropriate for me, because I eat 3-5 apples per day. (The fruit bowl is right next to where I sit with my computer.) Hence the title of this post.

OOTD 11/15/2013 OOTD 11/15/2013 OOTD 11/15/2013 OOTD 11/15/2013 OOTD 11/15/2013

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  1. I love that cute

  2. That is one cozy looking cardigan! I love how it matches the necklace!
    I am so glad that Daylight Savings Time happened, but I really just can't wait for the cold dark winter to be over so we can get more sun again! *Vitamin D* That's what I get for living in Alaska, haha.

  3. That's a great jacket! And I looove that necklace. So cute!


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